Art Guards


Brand Identity, Logo Design



In the summer of 2014 I worked with a young startup called Art Guards. They needed help establishing themselves in the market and asked for a full brand identity that could help them stand out in the sporting industry.

Art Guards creates stickers that can be applied to sporting equipment, but their signature product is a sticker that covers the outside of a mouthguard. Sports that have more physical contact, like football, lacrosse and hockey, are now encouraging athletes to use mouth guards that cover and protect the lips in addition to the teeth.

Art Guards asked for a logo design that would appeal to their target market, student athletes. They wanted the logo mark to be able to exist apart from the wordmark because they planned to add their logo mark to each sticker they produced. They also wanted to have the ability to embroider the logo in the future.

Using an abstract “A” and “G” I crafted the Art Guards logo into the form of a shield, symbolizing protection first and foremost. The logo was crafted out of a bold mono-weight set of lines and given sharp corners to feel more athletic and bold. Originally, the logo was going to mix in a vibrant warm color to add some more personality to the brand but when I looked closer at how the mark was planned to be used I decided to stick a simple black mark. If I had chosen any other color there would have been conflicts with schools using their products. Art Guards would either distract from the school's colors, blend in with school colors, or in the worst case actually be the color of a rival school. Black allowed them to remain strong, but neutral.

The creation of the logo has allowed Art Guards to expand their promotional efforts and has quickly become a recognizable mark for the company.